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Another Perspective

A Working Definition of God

A reporter from Good Housekeeping Magazine interviewed C. G. Jung just days before he died.* One of the questions the interviewer asked Dr. Jung regarded his thinking about God. Dr. Jung responded: “To this day God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my willful path violently and  Read More 
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In Pursuit of Wisdom

Periodically I will identify a theme or thread that has been running through my life without my having recognized it.

One of the first I came to see was the importance of dreams. What are they? Where do they come from? What is their significance? I have spent a good deal of my adult  Read More 
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As Christmas approaches, I want to offer you a different slant on the idea of incarnation.

Incarnation is a central concept in Christian theology. It affirms that the eternal Son of God took human flesh from his mother and the historical Christ is at once fully God and fully man without the integrity or  Read More 
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God & Dreams: Book Review

What follows is a book review of God and Dreams: Is There A Connection? It was written by Dennis Cole who is also an Episcopal priest and who happened to be a fraternity brother of mine many years ago when we were in college. I was not aware until recently that he'd  Read More 
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Christmas and Dreams

St. Matthew's account of the birth of Jesus is filled with dreams. This reality is generally ignored by contemporary Christians. Reread the first two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and you will see that the birth event would have been very different - if at all - without the dreams and Joseph's conviction  Read More 
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Stories and Dreams

I believe dreams come from God. This may sound irrational to many of you; but the belief has deep roots in history, as my book, God and Dreams: Is There A Connection?, demonstrates.

Martin Buber, the 20th century Jewish theologian, retells the following story in one of his books. It is the  Read More 
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A Holy Moment Found Because They Listened

In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard stories from two men who are each 75 and live in the Sacramento area.

The first one told me of his experience visiting a buddy in rural New York. They met in the Marine Corps. Barely in their 20s the two of them were sent to Korea  Read More 
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Meeting God Face to Face

Imagine yourself having a direct, personal experience of God, standing face to face with Him. How would you describe the experience? What words would you use?

An early 20th century German Lutheran professor, Rudolf Otto, tried to answer this question.1 To experience God face to face, Professor Otto wrote, is to have an encounter with  Read More 
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Remembering Rabi'a al-Adawiyya: An 8th Century Woman Mystic

There are many women throughout history whose elevated spiritual lives can inspire our own. When I was researching God and Dreams: Is There A Connection? I came across such a woman that most people do not know. Rabi'a (717-801) was a mystic, ascetic and one of the first Sufis. Like others who  Read More 
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Christmas and the Fear of New Life

One aspect of the Christmas story that is often ignored is the portion told in Matthew 1:18-2:3. These verses recount how Mary became pregnant prior to marrying Joseph and Joseph’s decision to discreetly remove her from his life. Before he could, Joseph had a dream in which an angel of the Lord told  Read More 
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