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Another Perspective

A Holy Moment Found Because They Listened

In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard stories from two men who are each 75 and live in the Sacramento area.

The first one told me of his experience visiting a buddy in rural New York. They met in the Marine Corps. Barely in their 20s the two of them were sent to Korea during the war. My friend is still strong and healthy but his buddy is not. That fellow has Parkinson’s disease, is incontinent, and is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. His daughter alerted my friend when he arrived at their home that if he was going to take her dad on a day-long road trip, he’d have to assist him with all his bathroom needs.

The two old warriors set off for a drive through the region of New York State where my friend’s buddy had lived as a child. Tears flowed freely as they visited places full of memories. It proved to be a touching day for both of them: emotionally, as they enjoyed their final time together; and physically, as the bathroom stops were many. They ended the day with apple pie a la mode.

My friend told me that the hours the two spent together, full of caring, were holy ones. He felt truly blessed for the friendship and one last day together.

The second 75 year-old man told me of a vacation he took with his wife to Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The park is located on the Navajo Reservation just a few miles outside of Page. It is a beautiful place, full of spiritual potential, which is why he’d been anticipating this trip for some time. The reality, however, turned out to be disappointing. The canyon is not large and movement within it is regulated. As a consequence, tourists who want photographs line up and wait for that special shot. The controlled atmosphere robbed the place of its spiritual dimensions. Disillusioned, my friend returned to his hotel to load his car for the drive to Las Vegas, the next stop on their itinerary.

While putting their luggage in the car, a woman picking up trash outside the hotel began talking to him. She told him not to drive directly to Las Vegas but instead go to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. My friend realized that to go to Bryce would double the driving time. It wasn’t part of their plans. He resisted the stranger’s advice. But once on the road, for reasons still not clear to him, he decided to follow the woman's advice. He drove to Bryce Canyon National Park and found his way to Inspiration Point. Hardly anyone was there. While looking at the spectacular panorama before him he experienced the presence of God. This was indeed an Inspiration Point.

Each man, because he listened to what another person had to say, was rewarded with a holy moment.

Have you had such an experience? Please share it here.
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