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Another Perspective

Why Was Jesus Born in Bethlehem?

There are a number of explanations for why Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

First, there are the historic reasons. The Gospels, unfortunately, offer conflicting data. The Gospel of Luke indicates Jesus was born in Bethlehem because a census was being taken that required Joseph to leave Nazareth to return to his  Read More 
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Why Do We Suffer? Part Three: A Christian Perspective

In part one of this series, I wrote that suffering is a problem for Christianity, one that it doesn't address very well. Afterall, why would a God of love allow suffering?

The Rev. John A. Sanford, an Episcopal priest, my first clergy boss, and one of the men who most influenced my life, couldn't  Read More 
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Why Do We Suffer? Part Two: An Ancient Greek Perspective

And even in sleep pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
And in our own despair, against our will,
Comes wisdom to us
By the awful Grace of God.
- Aechylus (525-456 B.C.E.)

In part two of this discussion about suffering, I turn to the ancient Greek dramatist,  Read More 
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Why Do We Suffer? Part One: A Hebrew Perspective

As a psychotherapist I frequently meet with people who are suffering. To them it seems as if the suffering will never end. At times it is more than they believe they can endure. It is not uncommon for them to ask, "Why do I suffer?"

Why a God of love allows suffering has been  Read More 
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