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Another Perspective

On Creativity

Like many of you, I watched the PBS account of the life and work of Jim Henson. His creativity inspires me, as does the creativity I experience in others. The show started me thinking about my love for creativity.

I awakened to the importance of creativity when I was a new parish priest. I put together a series of programs featuring the sculpture of Henry Moore for my youth group. I came away as moved by the series as anyone.

When I’m being creative or around someone who is I feel “alive” and I also feel close to God. Creativity a mystical, spiritual experience for me. When I looked up “creative” in my Oxford Dictionary I found I’m not crazy connecting God and creativity. The dictionary tells me to be creative means “to produce as an act of grace.” That definition describes my experience perfectly.

How about you? What’s been your experience of creativity and how does it find expression in your life?

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My health is as good as it’s been in years. Treatment went well and I’m in a “watch and wait” period. My next treatment shouldn’t be necessary for at least two years and it’s possible that no treatment will be needed for longer than that.

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