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Another Perspective

A Salute to the South

This week was huge in the course of American history. The upholding of the Affordable Care Act and the recognition of same sex marriage indicate that when the moment is right, change happens.

As enormous politically and practically as these two decisions were I believe an even larger breakthrough occurred with the movement to do away with the Confederate flag.

The movement was led and supported by white Republicans in the South. It’s finally time to acknowledge it is and always has been morally wrong for one person to “own” another for any reason, including for financial gain. The Confederate flag keeps alive the false belief that those who fought for the South in the Civil War were doing so for a noble cause, that there is something virtuous about the right to make laws where ownership of another is legal.

It is time to acknowledge the sinfulness of such views; there is nothing noble in this heritage. It is vile, debased, and shameful to the core and finally leaders in the South are saying so. This act of decency may be long overdue, but I salute those who are saying the moment for change has come.
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