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Another Perspective

Watch and Wait

I saw my oncologist yesterday. He said I am finished with the Chlorambucil. It has accomplished what it can. The long-term risk of damaging my body outweighs the short-term benefits continuing on the drug might provide. I am again in a “watch and wait” period.

It is unclear at this moment if my body is adjusting to no longer being on the Chlorambucil or if my CLL is progressing. Watching and waiting will determine which it is.

If I am adjusting then I should have about six months of stability before a new treatment is needed. (With newer drugs it is around two years or more of stability that can be anticipated.)

If the cancer is already progressing there will not be a six-month period of stability and a new round of treatment will be started right away using other drugs.

I am strong and healthy for the most part and the form of CLL I have is not aggressive. A realistic goal for me is one where the cancer is stabilized and managed for the remainder of my “normal” life period. No cure is currently available though one may be found in the next decade or two, if not sooner.

The one area of concern is my platelet count. It is quite low (40 yesterday/normal = 140 to 400) It can go only slightly lower before a swift intervention is initiated.

We watch and wait.
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