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Another Perspective

December Decision

After meeting with my oncologist last Tuesday there is some good news and some disappointing news.

The good news is my white blood cell count continues to decline. From a high of 161.5, it is now 42 (normal is 4-10). The Chlorambucil is clearly doing its job. I have more energy and on occasion recall what being healthy feels like.

The disappointing news is the Chlorambucil is selecting the low hanging fruit – the white blood cells in the blood stream. What it isn’t doing is attacking the white blood cells in the bone marrow nor the ones in my lymph nodes. Because of this, I remain perpetually tired and the disease persists.

I see the oncologist next in early December. I will also have a CT scan with dye to measure the size of the lymph nodes now versus what they were at the start of treatment. More blood tests too. With all this data the oncologist will determine whether we stay the course with Chlorambucil that is making a difference or petition the trial study authorities to switch to the new drug, Ibrutinib, because Chlorambucil isn’t making enough of a difference.

Between now and then I have another dosage of Chlorambucil to take – all 25 of the tiny pink pills.

I want to say “thank you” again for your interest and concern.
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