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Another Perspective

Two Streams in the Sea

I am finding myself with a strong mix of feelings. My 66th birthday is less than a month away. I feel well, yet am aware of my body’s decline.

I am reading more poetry recently and an image from Tomas Tranströmer’s Ringing captures what I’ve been feeling. He wrote in the early 60s:
“The churchyard and the schoolyard met and widened into each other
like two streams in the sea.”

I have two manuscripts about completed – yet they’ve been this way for a couple of years. Here, Olav Hauge’s poem, There’s Still Time, captures my inner tension.

“It’s old shadows
you sing of,
shadows of

Unborn visions threaten
your day – when
will you give them

There’s still time,
you think
- the grass is still

I plan for a future that is shortening. How much am I to invest in each opportunity? How long will the grass still be green?

What are your thoughts?
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