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Another Perspective

Home Movies

I woke up early this morning and playing on a local station was "Father's Little Dividend." It stars among others, Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, and Elizabeth Taylor (a very young Elizabeth Taylor). It was directed by Vincente Minnelli. It's not a great movie, but it was filmed at the house in which I grew up. Movie moguls at the time were looking for New England type homes in Los Angeles and found ours. It was cheaper to shoot the film in Los Angeles than in New England so our home was used. "Father's Little Dividend" was the second film shot at our house. The original version of "Father of the Bride" with the same cast was shot at the house first. Then in a stroke of luck for my parents, "Follow the Sun", the story of Ben Hogan's life was also shot at our house. That film starred Glenn Ford, Anne Baxter and Dennis O'Keefe. Three films in a two year span (1950-51). I was in grade school during most of the shoots so my few memories come from home movies my father shot of the actors sitting around between scenes.

To see the old home in the way I remember it - last I knew a current owner had painted the house purple: ugh!- brought back lots of thoughts of my childhood. Playing catch on the front lawn, the trees I spent so much time with, the street where I rode my bike, I was flooded with memories.

I haven't lived in that house (the window to my room is in the film) since 1968 but there it was just as I remember it.
What a wonderful surprise to start the day.
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