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Another Perspective

A Week to Recover

When I went for my latest dosage of Chlorambucil, I was told I’d had a mixed response to the first two dosages. My white blood cell count has dropped impressively but my lymph nodes have not reduced in size. Consequently the doctor decided to increase the dosage. I took 31 pills last week instead of the 26 previously.

Five hours after taking all those tiny pills I felt a burning inside. At first it felt like a severe sunburn and I couldn’t get out of the sun. Later, it felt like my internal organs were cooking. Sleep was difficult that first night. Over the next few days fatigue was worse.

At my meeting with the doctor before the current dosage, he told me the medication is out of my system after the first week. The second week provides my body some time to recover. It is during this recovery period that I find I have the energy to write about the experience.

I repeat this process again next week.
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