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Split Up California

October 14, 2018

Tags: Dividing California, Constitutional Convention, Lincoln, Civil War, Pico Act

The latest proposal to split up California has been put on hold. It follows—are you ready—two hundred twenty other attempts since California became a state. Be assured I’m not writing about the two hundred twenty attempts, only the early ones that came the closest to being approved. *

Spaniards (more…)

A Forgotten American Hero

June 3, 2018

Tags: John A Bingham, 14th Amendment, Akhil Amar, Martin Luther King, Ruth Bader Ginsberg

John Armor Bingham (1815-1900) is one of those historical figures who dedicated his life to making living conditions better for all people, succeeded, and then was forgotten. I wish I was related to him, perhaps named after him, but I’m not.

Yale constitutional law professor Akhil Reed Amar wrote of Bingham:
Even as (more…)

Why It’s a Mistake to Interpret Dreams

May 18, 2018

Tags: Dream Interpretation, Befriending Dreams, Symbols, God and Dreams: Is There A Connection?

The other day a friend told me he’d been asked to interpret another person’s dream. He wanted to know what I thought about dream interpretation. Here are my thoughts.
Dreams function as a bridge between consciousness and the unconscious. They’re able to do this because dream images are symbols. Like all (more…)

The Life of Alfred Nolan

February 18, 2018

Tags: California Gold Rush, Calaveras, Plymouth, Massachusetts, San Francisco

The following is an account of Alfred Dolan. His story offers a glimpse into the life of prospectors during the California Gold Rush.

Al was born and raised in the Plymouth, Massachusetts. At this time Plymouth was a relatively isolated coastal community dependent on fishing, shipbuilding, and the manufacturing of rope and related products. (more…)

The Conflict between Donald Trump's Values and the Values of Christmas

December 22, 2016

Tags: Donald Trump, Christmas, Exodus 32, John Pratt Bingham

One of the reasons Donald Trump has risen to a position of prominence is due to his being a successful businessman. He is good at making money and promises to use his skills to restore America to greatness. It doesn’t surprise me his rise coincides with the decline of religious belief. Polls indicate (more…)

August, 2016 Health Update

August 16, 2016

Tags: CLL, Gazyva, Duvelisib, Ibrutinib, Hangtown II

A quick update on my chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I am in a trial study that is looking at how two drugs work together on the cancer cells. One I take by infusion: Gazyva. I have experience with this drug, having had it in my last trial study. I am again having a positive response (more…)

A brief Update on my Health

June 17, 2016

Tags: CLL, Duvelisib, Gazyva

I haven’t been blogging because I was putting all of my energy into Hangtown II. Then about March/April my CLL fired up. I was hoping for a minimum of two years of “normal” life, but got just one. Fatigue, night sweats, weight loss increased. My blood lab numbers reflected the renewed activity (more…)

The Enlightened Ego

February 18, 2016

Tags: Enlightened Ego, Robert Johnson, Heinrich Zimmer, Joseph Campbell, consciousness

I became worked up last night when the nightly news reported a story about current political events. The people I disagree with were acting in a way that made me furious. I dealt with the situation by eating an ice cream bar. That helped with my upset spirit, but didn’t help my (more…)

Helping Children Grieve at Christmas

December 4, 2015

Tags: Death, Children, Holidays, Suicide, Coping

I was poised to begin a series of blogs about death when the horrible shootings in San Bernardino took place. So I am juggling the order of a couple of the blogs. Today’s blog is a reprint from the Compassionate Friends of Los Angeles, Vol. 25, No. 12-December, 2009, which I found in the (more…)

Guest Blog: Refugees and the American Response

November 17, 2015

Tags: Christian Winger, Christianity, Refugees, Paris Massacre

Today I am beginning a series of guest blogs. This is an excellent essay and I urge you
to read it and respond. It is shared with permission.

The Good Samaritan and the American Response to the Refugee Crisis

November 17, 2015 Christian Winger
Last Friday, France was shaken by a violent and horrifying display (more…)