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Another Perspective


As Christmas approaches, I want to offer you a different slant on the idea of incarnation.

Incarnation is a central concept in Christian theology. It affirms that the eternal Son of God took human flesh from his mother and the historical Christ is at once fully God and fully man without the integrity or  Read More 
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Converging Observations

Sometimes observations offered by different people at different times converge. This happened to me this morning well before dawn.

The first observation came to me years ago, perhaps more than a decade, from C.G. Jung. He wrote: “Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is  Read More 
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The Brilliant Bloom

My new buddy, Olav Hauge, wrote a poem, “You Want Only to Be,”* that captured a moment in time for me. Here is his poem.
No root groping
in the hard rock,
no sprout, no sapling,
not the strong bole in the storm,
no humble branch,
no bast, no bark
in frost and snow –
 Read More 
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Two Streams in the Sea

I am finding myself with a strong mix of feelings. My 66th birthday is less than a month away. I feel well, yet am aware of my body’s decline.

I am reading more poetry recently and an image from Tomas Tranströmer’s Ringing captures what I’ve been feeling. He  Read More 
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My New Love

For reasons that had entirely to do with curiosity and intuition, I purchased a copy of Olav Hauge’s Selected Poems. Born in 1908, a Norwegian like many of my ancestors, Hauge made his living off the apples he grew on his acre orchard. He also writes – oh, can he write! – and translates  Read More 
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The Brain of a Teenager

Recently in professional training seminars I’ve been exposed to conversations about the brain of teenagers. The most significant finding from longitudinal studies involving MRI’s indicates that a teen’s brain is not fully developed. This finding helps to account for some typical teenage behavior.

In the fully developed brain of an adult,  Read More 
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The thirteenth anniversary of my youngest daughter’s death is in a few days. I still miss
her sparkling personality. She lived to have fun and to help young children. She talked
and laughed a lot. It was not possible to be around Sarah long and not be smiling. She loved Lake Tahoe where  Read More 
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God & Dreams: Book Review

What follows is a book review of God and Dreams: Is There A Connection? It was written by Dennis Cole who is also an Episcopal priest and who happened to be a fraternity brother of mine many years ago when we were in college. I was not aware until recently that he'd  Read More 
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Men & Fear II: Antidotes

“I will fear no evil for thou art with me”
— Psalm 23:4

In my previous blog I wrote about non-productive ways men typically handle fear. In this edition I want to address constructive methods for addressing fear.

Fear is dissolved by love. As C. FitzSimmons Allison observed: “…fear…does not lead us to safety but  Read More 
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Men & Fear I: Non-Productive Responses

James Hollis in his terrific 1994 book, Under Saturn’s Shadow, The Wounding and Healing of Men (Toronto: Inner City Books) writes about eight secrets men carry that shape their lives. I hope each of you will read his book.

What I want to focus on is secret number two: “men’s lives  Read More 
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