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Another Perspective

The Enlightened Ego

I became worked up last night when the nightly news reported a story about current political events. The people I disagree with were acting in a way that made me furious. I dealt with the situation by eating an ice cream bar. That helped with my upset spirit, but didn’t help my  Read More 
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A Man's Mid-Life Crisis: Death of the Hero/Birth of the Soul

In the news recently have been stories of famous men who at midlife have been caught having an affair. Nothing new, really, but why does it keep happening? I have some thoughts I want to share with you.

A colleague of mine, Dr. John A. Robinson, wrote a book with the title Death  Read More 
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Epiphany Is a Myth

When Bill Moyers interviewed Joseph Campbell about the power of myth, there were two different reactions. The extraverts heard his stories and responded by using the word myth to indicate what is false. The events in his stories really never happened. The introverts responded to Campbell's stories as descriptions of an inner  Read More 
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