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Inner Treasure

The sayings and parables of Jesus are familiar. And yet, they have a dimension that remains largely unsuspected. Inner Treasure shows us how to find that treasure hidden within the symbolism of the words of Jesus, a treasure that is also within our own inner selves.

Noted author John A. Sanford writes in the Foreword to this book:

"Mr. Bingham says of the kingdom of heaven that it is in its nature to produce growth. This book will be in keeping with the goals of the kingdom since the growth of the reader is bound to be nurtured by the insights Mr. Bingham gives us into both the Bible and our human nature in relationship to the biblical message...He has a rare skill in conveying his knowledge of the psyche with a minimum use of psychological jargon. He does this without losing his effectiveness, and a person can only do this when he as a sound mastery of his subject, and when he himself has lived the insights about which he is writing."

"Growth" is the key word in understanding this book.

Overview of contents

Chapter One: Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven
On Speaking in Parable Matthew 13:10-17
The Secret of the Kingdom Mark 4:10-12
Hidden Treasure Matthew 13:44
Pearls of Great Value Matthew 13:45-46

Chapter Two: The Kingdom as an Image of Growth
The Mustard Seed Matthew 13:31-32
The Kingdom As Yeast Matthew 13:33
Receptive Soil Matthew 13:1-9
The Kingdom Within Luke 17:20-21
Completeness Matthew 5:48

Chapter Three: Entering the Kingdom
The Narrow Gate Matthew 7:13-14
A Greater Virtue Matthew 5:17-20
The Eye of the Needle Luke 18:18-25
Entering the Kingdom Is a Violent Experience Luke 16:16
Inner Cleansing Matthew 23:25-28
You Are Not What You Eat Mark 7:14-23
Pharisee At Prayer Luke 18:9-14
Metanoia Matthew 4:17

Chapter Four: The Crisis Nature of the Kingdom
A New Consciousness Matthew 9:16-17
A Question of Priorities Matthew 8:18-22
The Sword Matthew 10:34-39
Footsteps of Christ Luke 14:25-27
Extended Family Matthew 12:46-50
Receiving More Luke 18:29-30
Sand and Rock Matthew 7:24-30
Night Sea Journey Luke 8:22-25

Chapter Five: Inner Reconciliation
Restitution Luke 12:57-59
The Prodigal Son Luke 15:11-32
Mary and Martha Luke 10:38-42
Inner Reconciliation Matthew 5:21-24
Criticism Matthew 7:1-2
The Plank Matthew 7:3-5
Adulterous Woman John 8:2-11
A Difference of Values Matthew 5:43-47
Love Matthew 22:34-40

Chapter Six: Inner and Outer
Caesar or God Mark 12:13-17
Light of the World Matthew 5:14-16
Balancing Duality Matthew 10:16
Serving Two Masters Luke 16:1-15
Unconsciously Unctuous Matthew 7:15-23

Chapter Seven: The Importance of Being Vigilant
Be Alert Matthew 24:42-44
Spiritual Serendipity Luke 12:35-38/21:34-36
Ennui and Awakening Matthew 25:1-13

Chapter Eight: Vanity and Servitude
Secret Pride Luke 17:7-10
Laborers in the Vineyard Matthew 20:1-16
The Sons of Zebedee Matthew 20:20-28
The Inner Split Luke 16:19-31
Faithful and Unfaithful Servants Matthew 24:45-51
Parables of Talents and Pounds Matthew 25:14-30/
Luke 19:11-28

Chapter Nine: Manna
Bread of Life John 6:24-35
Giving More Than We Have Matthew 14:13b-21
Living Water John 4:5-15
Only A Little Love to Give Luke 7:36-50

Chapter Ten: Redeeming the Darkness
Revitalization Matthew 24:29-31
Noah Matthew 24:37-41
Scapegoating Matthew 8:24-34
Lost Coins and Sheep Luke 15:8-10/
Matthew 18:10-14
Least of These My Brethren Matthew 25:34-41
The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37
Salvation Through Sacrifice Matthew 5:29-30
Resurrection and Life John 11:17-26

A. Suggestions for Personal Study
B. Suggestions for Group Study