Hangtown: Secrets & Schemes

This is book two in the Hangtown Series.

The adventures of Zach and Claire continue. In Book Two they battle the adherents of the Nativist Party and their secret society, the Order of the Star Spangled Banner (OSSB). Zach's spiritual growth is challenged by why a God of love allows suffering? Claire has a series of dreams she doesn't understand, so she turns to a Gypsy for guidance. The entanglements make the book a page turner.

Michael Drouilhet wrote: "John is that rarest of men: a combination of deep insightful intelligence and a loving heart and soul. He is an artful and compassionate Jungian Analyst, and also exhibits a very deep spirituality that embraces all religions and all people. I recommend John very highly as a therapist and as a spiritual resource. "

The writings of John Pratt Bingham are for those people who are interested in learning about the intertwining of psychology and spirituality. John is an Episcopal priest who writes for all who seek.

Inner Treasure is a collection of brief essays that offer psychological insight into the teachings of Jesus. It is for individuals who want a fresh way of thinking about familiar texts. Study groups find it stimulating. It is published by Dove Publications, Pecos, New Mexico.

God and Dreams: Is There a Connection? is published by the Resource Publications Division of Wipf and Stock Publishers. It's now available as an e-book.

At one time when people wanted a direct, personal experience of God, they turned to their dreams. Today religious writing ignores dreams and their spiritual dimensions. Contemporary secular thinking focuses almost exclusively on the biological and quantitative function of dreams. God and Dreams explores what happened that caused this change. Particular attention is given to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic thought and to psychological, philosophical and scientific attitudes about dreams. God and Dreams challenges the current orthodoxy of both religious and secular perspectives by arguing that dreams do indeed come from God.

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Hangtown: The year was 1851 and the place was Hangtown, the California mining camp that today is known as Placerville. It was here that the unpredictable and entertaining story of Zach Johnson's search for gold takes place. Zach, the son of an Episcopal priest, was a gentle man who'd come to Hangtown from Virginia to get rich. What did he do that so many men wanted him dead?

It was in Hangtown's El Dorado Hotel that Zach met Claire McCarthy, a feisty, independent beauty. Claire came to Hangtown from Boston to get away from her abusive father. Zach and Claire fell in love, but their bond frayed when Zach couldn't accept that Claire was a prostitute. Despondent, Zach turned to Kay, the waitress at Red's who knew how to please him, and his life evolved in ways he never imagined possible.

Hangtown is an action-packed adventure of personal growth the combines history, intrigue, and romance to create a gripping tale. Hangtown is intended for mature readers. The story contains sexual content and moderate language.